Subway Mouse Goes to Dallas

Hi friends! I'm make this post short and sweet due to sitting in the airport without wifi. I'm bound for Dallas! It'll be my very first time there. I'm on a work-cation 🙂 I'll be working the red carpet premiere of the Dreamworks film, "Home," and I'll be hanging out and hosting the adorable characters. … Continue reading Subway Mouse Goes to Dallas

Cinderella 2015: Bring on my childhood

I remember sitting in the movie theater the day they showcased the Cinderella preview. I thought to myself, 'Holy what the WHAT? I get to see my childhood in live-action?? YES." The thing I was even more excited for, was the fact that this was a Disney film specifically based off of the Disney animated feature. … Continue reading Cinderella 2015: Bring on my childhood

Farewell 1st Job: Innoventions

Innoventions is Closing?! Like forever? Either your reaction is similar to mine or you're saying, "What is an Innoventions?" Innoventions is that huge spinning futuristic building in the back of Tomorrowland. As of March 31st, we'll be saying, "It was that huge spinning building in the back of Tomorrowland." It was announced unexpectantly that Inno … Continue reading Farewell 1st Job: Innoventions

Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase

So if you checked out my last blog, you got the scoop on all the adventures Matt and I had on our first ever trip to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom. Day 2 of celebrating my 30th birthday (I'm like a Kardashian. I need more than a day), we headed over to Epcot! We slept in … Continue reading Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase