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Hey there!

So here’s my story. I practically lived at Disneyland growing up. My mom used to take me out of school so we could go on Disney adventures. I used to dress up as Alice because even as a kid, I was rad. Like really rad.

photo disney

I loved D-land so much I didn’t want to leave. So when that point in my life came around when I was told I needed a job, I had a major life-changing idea: WORK. AT. DISNEYLAND.

And I loved it.

I got to be a padawan and live and breathe Star Wars at the Jedi Training Academy.


I got to demonstrate technology at Innoventions. I also hosted characters.


And I even got to be a citizen of Toontown in Morning Madness.


After years of magic, I worked at Radio Disney and worked through even more magic.

2 years ago I moved to New York. And I love it! And the thing I miss more than anything is DISNEYLAND and that beautiful Disney magic. The only ‘Disney’ I could find when I first moved here was the glorious Disney Store in Times Square. The more time I spent here, the more I started to realize that New York is chock FULL of Disney magic. The magic of New York is like a hidden Mickey. It’s not in plain view, but they’re everywhere if you choose to see it. So if you’re reading this, thank you for taking this journey with me. If you live in New York or are planning a visit, I hope I can help you find the magic. I’ll also post travel tips as I visit various Disney parks. Because let’s face it, even Dumbo has to fly south for the winter. Cheers!


The Subway Mouse

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