First Trip to Walt Disney World: Part 1

I recently turned 30. It wasn’t an age I was terrified of. I was actually really excited to turn 30. I’m not in the place I thought I would be when I imagined what my 30’s would look like as a kid. I thought I would be married with two kids in a successful career. I’m kind of excited that I get to be a kid for a little longer than I had planned. And THAT is what I wanted to celebrate. So here was the plan: go to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. The catch? I had three days to see as much as I could. Most people allow a full week. I however am a New Yorker paying a ton for rent to be a Brooklyn-ite and a girl can’t afford 3 days off work. Plus, my boyfriend was taking the trip with me and he had never been to a Disney Park ever. Taking him was pretty important to me. It was like taking him to my hometown to meet my childhood friends and to also meet my former boss…Mickey, duh. I planned the trip about a month in advance. In the end, we didn’t stick to most of our plans and we ended up canceling all of our dining reservations because we were having too much fun flying by the seat of our pants. So here’s the trip in a nutshell.

Day 1: Magic Kingdom
Admission type: One day park hopper
App used: My Disney Experience
Fast Passes booked: Peter Pan, Meet Mickey, Snow White Mine train (we were able to book fast passes 7 days in advance by using the app and linking our ticketing info)

We shuttled into the ticketing center from Comfort Inn Main gate and arrived at Mainstreet USA approximately 11:30AM. It was a rainy day, which I actually prefer because it lowers the number of visitors AND were New Yorkers and are totally ok with walking through the rain all day so bring it on.


First stop? I’m a sucker for Guest Relations and seeing the Plaids. It’s such a nice throw-back to when the parks first opened. We went in and got “1st Visit” buttons and I of course snagged a “Happy Birthday” button. Next stop was to Meet Mickey at Town Square Theatre. We walked right in. Yay fastpass! When I was a character host, seeing people’s face for the first time when they meet Mickey is a special treat. My boyfriend HAD to meet him and it’s the perfect way to start the trip. I totally forgot that the WDW characters are chatty. It was amazing!

Next stop? Meet Tinkerbell! Only a 10 min wait and located in the same venue. Hooray!


As we walked down Mainstreet the Rainy Day parade kicked off (which meant a show was cancelled but it was too cute for us to care).

We soon wandered to the castle. Oh my god THAT CASTLE. Now, to be fair, Princess Aurora has a gorgeous home in California, but Cinderella’s castle is ridiculously wonderful.

castle photo

The first part of the day was pretty leisurely. We had fast passes for the busiest attractions and the Disney app kept us posted on wait times so we never waited too long. We managed to hit most of the Fantasyland rides along with the new Mine Train which replaced Snow White’s Scary Adventure. The mine train was amazing! Such a smooth track and gorgeous use of technology and I don’t wanna give it away but there’s an adorable throwback to the ‘Scary Adventure’ days at the end.

We wandered through the rest of Magic Kingdom, and I geeked out like a little kid when we got to the Haunted Mansion, which was always a favorite of mine at Disneyland.


The day flew by, and due to the rain and show cancellations, we had plenty of time to visit more characters.

IMG_3405  IMG_3381

When early evening rolled around we wanted to try our luck at seeing Fantasmic!, which required a bus trip over to Hollywood Studios. We ran through the park, grabbed some cocktails and snagged seats up front just in time for the show. I can’t believe we were actually able to snag a seat.

 And a popcorn/cocktail AND RESTROOM around the corner? Heaven. And the show was just as nostalgic and amazing as it could be.


After the show, we raced to Star Tours and were the only ones on the ride. So I of course got to be the rebel spy!

Next stop? A boat ride to Epcot to grab, you guessed it…last call. We snagged a drink and managed to catch the beautiful water/firework spectacular. Since we were only focused on finding booze, we had to actually ask someone what they were waiting to watch.

Up next, we did a boat then a bus or maybe a monorail over to Magic Kingdom! Arrived just in time for the electrical parade and closed out the day slamming in a few more rides including It’s a Small World and Winnie the Pooh.

All in all, an AMAZING start of our trip and to be honest I couldn’t spent a week just in Magic Kingdom. But 3 parks in 1 day? Not too shabby.

Stay tuned for Day 2! We conquered Drinking Around the World!


The Subway Mouse

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