Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase

So if you checked out my last blog, you got the scoop on all the adventures Matt and I had on our first ever trip to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom. Day 2 of celebrating my 30th birthday (I’m like a Kardashian. I need more than a day), we headed over to Epcot! We slept in on this day due to being majorly jetlagged the day prior. We checked into our hotel at 2am and had a full Disney day the day before. So anyway, here’s our Epcot story.

Admission Type: One Day-One Park Pass

Wardrobe: I was DisneyBounding as Minnie Mouse!

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We arrived around 1:30PM and headed over to Captain Eo in Future World! The rest of the day all the way til closing was spent at World Showcase.

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In case you haven’t been: World Showcase is situated in Epcot and consists of 11 countries. Each country is themed out from head to toe to truly make you feel like you’re traveling the world. The employees are all actually from the countries they are representing, and all of the food/alcohol/souvenirs are reminiscent of the country you’re in. Many folks attempt “Drinking Around the World,” which is basically doing the full walking loop around the lake and having a drink in every country. Due to sleeping in, we were only able to get to 8/11 countries, and while I didn’t drink in all of them, they were all pretty incredible!

Country #1: GERMANY

Drink: Grapefruit Beer & Karlsburg Pilsner

Food: Potato Salad

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We started our World Showcase experience in Germany because my dad is from Munster. I had amazing time skipping around.


But I had the most fun chilling by a fountain drinking my beer. I don’t say ‘refreshing’ often but it was sooooo refreshing. The cast members were adorably sweet and friendly and we got counter service so no waits for us. Gorgeous souvenirs especially the authentic steins and teddy bears!

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Country #2: NORWAY

Drink: Aquavite

Food: Sweet Pretzel

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It’s promoted as the land of Frozen and they even have a cute mini gallery dedicated to the movie, but we went here because my boyfriend’s family is from Norway. We got counter service and ordered 2 shots of Aquavite. We were immediately told that if we could down a shot without making a face for 5 seconds, that we were true Vikings. We thought, ‘piece of cake.’ Aquavite is a clear and smooth liquor that tastes like Jaeger, and by 6 seconds in, you definitely feel it. But according to our server, we’re true Vikings! Souvenirs mostly consisted of amazing winter wear and TROLLS!

Country #3: CHINA

Drink: Peach Oolong tea

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By the time I got to China, I wanted to take a little break, so we took in the sights and I had some nice Peach Oolong tea. The architecture in this neck of the woods is gorgeous and we even saw Mulan! We also caught a performance of the amazing Chinese Acrobats. There’s definitely a fun and laid-back vibe in China.


Country #4: ITALY

Dinner: Wine CellarProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


At this point in the journey we were ready for an early dinner. We went in around 5:30PM and got a table immediately at The Wine Cellar. Immediate seating on a Sunday? YES PLEASE. The Wine Cellar is gorgeous and is the perfect date spot or place to have a nice growup sit-down dinner with friends and family. It’s dimly lit and they have beautiful wine racks on display. I had a glass of Merlot with the lasagna. It was incredible. Hands down the best I’ve had, and I’ve even eaten at Eataly NYC, y’all! The cheese was so rich and the noodles were so fluffy. For dessert we split a Tiramusso and by that point I was ready for bed. I was in food HEAVEN. The ambience outside is beautiful. We sat by the fountain as the sun was setting and it was a perfect way to kick off the night.

Country #5: AMERICA

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Drink: Matt is from Scranton, so he had a Yuengling!

We went originally as a joke, but it was really charming! It was more classic America…colonial America? I never paid attention in History class but it definitely didn’t feel like walking around Californa circa 2 months ago. Worth a see and they have Yuengling!!


Country #6: JAPAN

Drink: Hot Sake

IMG_3169 IMG_3171


We probably spent the most time here. The stores are hands down THE BEST. Everything from Hello Kitty to obscure designs and characters, I was all in. Everything was adorable. It’s the perfect place to hang in the evening to buy the perfect gifts and explore.


Country #7: MORROCO

Drink: Sangria

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The land of Aladdin! The ornate buildings and pathways here are incredible. It’s a great place to start to wind down your day and explore at night. Plus, there’s a ton of super cute lamps everywhere you go. And that sangria? It was a perfect final drink of the night.


Country #8: FRANCE

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We were both exhausted by this point, but Matt ended the night with a beer while I was empty-handed. 8 countries in less than 7 hours? I think we did pretty well.


For my first trip ever to Epcot, I’m definitely going back. World Showcase is the type of place you could visit again and again and change your experience every time. And best of all, it made me want to travel the world!




The Subway Mouse



9 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Actually, their is different shows in each country. Not all of shows. Mexico and Norway have a ride. I don’t know the names of them:)


  2. Natalie Davis says:

    I am sorry! I am just making mistakes! Here I fixed it now: Actually,their is one show in each country. Some don’t have shows. Norway and Mexico have rides.


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