Cinderella 2015: Bring on my childhood

I remember sitting in the movie theater the day they showcased the Cinderella preview.

I thought to myself, ‘Holy what the WHAT? I get to see my childhood in live-action?? YES.”

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The thing I was even more excited for, was the fact that this was a Disney film specifically based off of the Disney animated feature. We’re going to be seeing a lot of this. Jungle Book and Beauty & the Beast and as of today Dumbo are all on the fast track to live-action features. It’s kind of genius that they waited this long. You can’t re-make the classic animated films, but they waited until the Disney princess generation grew up just to be at the right age when we’re going to start popping out babies or planning on having babies and we can now take our kids to see the movies that we obsessed over (or if you’re me currently obsessing over) as children.

Enough of my logic on the matter, let’s get to the review!

I just got home from seeing Cinderella and I loved it. I cried twice, giggled a billion times, swooned for the clothes a trillion times and I would’ve taken Gus Gus home as a pet if I could reach through movie screens. I loved it. I really did. I went in with zero expectations. I was just excited that this is the thing of our generation. That we get to see all of these classics re-made. Wahoo! The fact that it wasn’t just a good film but a GREAT FILM makes me positively GIDDY.

In a nutshell: It’s a live-action film adapted from the animated classic. It’s told as a drama, not as a musical. No singing mice. However, it does a hella good job of throwing out very subtle references to some of the songs as Ella hums them throughout the film.

Here’s what was perfect about it. They weren’t trying to modernize the film to the point where there was a political agenda being pushed. They truly stuck to the original fairy tale. The way they made it work for a modern audience was pretty brilliant and downright simple too. It seemed as though they literally sat and watched the animated classic and asked themselves, ‘Which parts of this story do we question or not sign on with 100% as grownups.

So instead of making a film where Cinderella decides that she doesn’t need a man to be happy, they stuck to the story by addressing other simple concerns. For example, I never bought into the fact that Lady Tremaine didn’t recognize her own step-daughter at the ball. I also never understood why the heck Cinderella would stay in a house full of nasty step-family when she could’ve just left. Also, I never really connected with Cinderella other than the fact that I really wanted her to go to the ball and snag the prince. In this awesome story, all of the questions are answered and clarified through clear storytelling, and they really dig into the story of Cinderella’s real parents, so that you can relate to her the whole way through.

So many other things to say! The acting was amazing and while I was super impressed with Cinderella and her prince (their chemistry is HOT), I was blown away with little miss fairy godmother. At first, I thought, ‘I know exactly how she’s going to play this one,” and she was subtle and allowed the audience to see her very natural humor.

The costumes were gorgeous and the whole world of the film blended nicely. From the locations, to set pieces to EVERYTHING. It was all a perfect picture with a whole lot of heart. And such a beautiful message about kindness and my favorite….MAGIC. Lucifer steals every damn scene he’s in which is fine by me, and the step-sisters were delightful and fun without stealing the scene. And Cinderella!! I cried when her fairy godmother showed up. I did. I was like, ‘welp, there’s my childhood all over the place in this movie theatre in New York and I’m just going to weep because it is beautiful and perfect.’

As a grownup seeing this film, I felt like a giddy little kid again. It’s amazing seeing a story so close to your heart WORK right now live and in the flesh. I get cranky. I have bad days at work. I lose the magic sometimes. I love the heck out of the fact that this movie brought me back to feeling like ME for the time I was in the theater and beyond. Go see it. Its a treat. Beautiful storytelling and well acted and just lovely. Stay through the credits. No extra video, but the audio is quite the treat. Enjoy the film and let me know what you thought! And also, INSANELY wonderful use of the song Lavender Blue throughout the film.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.


The Subway Mouse

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