Disney Inspired Travel: Mary Poppins and Brooklyn Botanic

I idolized the film, Mary Poppins as a kid. I watched it every single day and to this day, the iconic images of the film have stuck with me. Certain images of the film such as the cherry blossoms of Cherry Tree Lane made for perfect inspiration while planning this week’s travel adventure.


Every week, I’ll be posting a Disney inspired travel video on my SUBWAY MOUSE youtube channel that you can check out here. A new vid will get posted every Wednesday, and the details of the adventure will get posted right here on the blog.

So, below here are the details for my trip and how you can recreate as well!


TRIP DESTINATION: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY

*Located right next to Prospect Park! Their website even gives info on which flowers bloom each month.


So why did I choose Brooklyn Botanic Garden? Every year between the months of April-May, they have a spectacular cherry blossom season. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to feel a little whimsical as if I had flown in on my umbrella. It literally looks like a larger-than-life Cherry Tree Lane when you enter the front gates.

WARDROBE: I made sure to Disneybound a little bit with my outfit. To celebrate spring, I recreated the Mary Poppins’ hat! I purchased a felt hat from Forever 21 and used a glue gun to add daisies and fruit to the rim of the hat.



It was my first time visiting BBG and I couldn’t believe how packed it was. I definitely wish that I would’ve arrived a little earlier in the day.

There are different blooms in season depending on the time of year that you go. This time of year, the cherry blossoms were in bloom. They only stay in bloom for a short amount of time so I recommend seeing them before they’re gone mid-May! BBG boasts that they have SO MANY cherry blossoms, that you feel like you’re in Japan. And it’s true. When you walk in, there’s just massive rows of tree after tree. Not all of them are blooming at once. I can’t imagine how wonderfully overwhelming it would be if they were blooming all at once.

BBG feels like a quiet piece of heaven smack dab in the middle of the busiest touristy part of Brooklyn. You would almost find it hard to believe that you can find something so tranquil in the city. There are fountains everywhere, and plenty of people were just hanging out, having a picnic or playing Frisbee.

If you check it out, be sure to allow at least 2 hours. There is so much land and so much to see, that you don’t want to worry about time constraints when you arrive. Afterwards, the area is full of bars and of course, Prospect Park if you’re in the mood to hang out a little more.

For the adventure, I couldn’t help but notice how truly magical these flowers are and how you just never see them in everyday life. When I used to watch Mary Poppins, I never fully had a grasp on how damn cool Cherry Tree Lane looked. When the movie was filmed, Cherry Tree Lane was tucked inside a soundstage, since they had to rig Julie Andrews for her flying scenes. All of the actual cherry blossoms were made of plastic and were imported to the set from Portugal and France. Each individual bloom was hand-mounted to each tree on the lane. While Mary Poppins was the winner of 5 Oscars, they were actually nominated for best Art Direction/Set Decoration as well.

IMG_4087 IMG_4133

I already wanna go back to BBG. It’s the type of repeat place that never gets stale, because the flowers that are in season are always changing. I’m thinking of going back in June when the roses are blooming. Can you guess what Disney film that trip will be themed to?

Thanks for popping in! There’s a video up on my youtube channel so that you can see how truly GORGEOUS the cherry blossoms are. Have a magical rest of the week! I’ll be announcing my next Disney Inspired trip on Friday right here on my blog and on my youtube channel. Thanks so much for reading and if you’re in New York, definitely check out Brooklyn Botanic!


The Subway Mouse

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