My obsession with Polyvore.

So, two things have happened almost simultaneously recently.

  1. I got really depressed. We’re talking crying a few times a day and just losing it on anyone daring enough to speak to me.
  2. I had a realization that I miss Disney so much that it might be contributing to the previous issue.

My boyfriend thought me missing Disney might be related to the fact that I’m no longer living in California and I haven’t gone back in about 4 years and I might be dare I say, a wee bit homesick. And to some extent, he’s right. I don’t know if I have the heart to tell him that what I actually miss is being able to go to Disneyland every other day and that I actually have no idea how to function without it in my everyday life because I kinda grew up there…moving on. His suggestion (aside from being so completely supportive of Subway Mouse and filming my videos-his alias is Simon Fox on all production credits for my channel) was to start focusing on re-decorating (err, starting to decorate our apartment that we’ve lived in for 6 months). His idea was that the living room would have a California theme to make me feel right at home. Great idea right? So I decided to jump in, and while our living room is going to have a rustic beach theme to it, I of course have gotten completely distracted in the process and I started designing Disney themed rooms on the app Polyvore. The idea came from my current inspiration, Leslie Kay, a fashionista who coined the term Disneybounding and creates Disney inspired outfits on her blog ( So I created a couple of inspired rooms on my polyvore account:

A spell-bound living room inspired by BEAUTY & THE BEAST

unnamed (6)



A patio fit for a hatter, or a mad one at least…

unnamed (5)

And finally, a bedroom where you can sleep 8 hours, or many years…

unnamed (4)

Since I’m now obsessed with Polyvore, comment below with a theme suggestion and I’ll create it and post another lifestyle blog representing all suggestions!

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