Joy dress from “Inside Out”

Hey everyone! Today I spent all morning filming my newest video that’ll be posted on my youtube channel this Wednesday. The topic is: Top 5 Disneyland Attractions that bring me JOY. I figured the perfect dress to wear would be my new dress inspired by JOY from “Inside Out.” This dress was handmade by my … Continue reading Joy dress from “Inside Out”


D23 Unboxing: Part 1

I recently decided to upgrade my membership to the official Disney fan club from freebie status to Gold status. I received my first package in the mail before the official membership, and below are photos from the unboxing process. First up, the official d23 magazine, which I get 4 issues of per year. It's souvenir … Continue reading D23 Unboxing: Part 1

Walt Disney quotes to live by

Walt Disney has always served as a source of inspiration for me. Below are my favorite quotes from Uncle Walt along with some personal stories from working for the mouse! This one is one of those quotes that can be interpreted so many different ways. The first time I glanced at it, I thought to … Continue reading Walt Disney quotes to live by

The Good Dinosaur: Teaser Trailer

If you're a huge Pixar animation fan-- June 19th cannot get here soon enough, INSIDE OUT!, you'll be happy to know that the teaser trailer for Pixar's newest feature, "The Good Dinosaur," has been released. In short, it's all about what would happen if the dinosaurs were never destroyed. I'm digging it. Happy Friday y'all. … Continue reading The Good Dinosaur: Teaser Trailer