D23 Fanniversary: Lady and the Tramp

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It’s here! The D23 FANNIVERSARY party planning awesomeness is available online!!

If you’re saying to yourself, ‘What is all of this you speak of?’, let me get you in the loop of the ultimate in Disney fandom.

First off, if you’re a fan of Disney at all, whether it’s the movies, characters, theme parks, toys, books, etc, you need to get on over to the site D23.COM. Bookmark it as your favorite page and check it out for daily doses of Disney geekery. They have lots of great stuff coming up including the D23 Expo in August (which only happens every other year) as well as the Fanniversary event featuring Lady and the Tramp.

To get started, check out the D23 site and register as a member (it’s free, however to unlock extra features, I recommend upgrading your membership. I registered for Gold status!)

Next, click on ‘Fanniversary’ and you will have access to FREE content that is all things Lady and the Tramp.


So, what is Fanniversary?

Fanniversary is a way for fans of Disney from all around the world to come together for a specific event.

What’s included in the LADY AND THE TRAMP fanniversary event?

The website will provide you with everything you need to plan your own home viewing party. While you must provide the actual movie for the party (available on DVD in blu-ray), the website includes literally everything you need to plan this party. All you need is a printer! They have templates for various table decoration crafts…


And they have party planner checklists, recipes, invitation and even decorations.

Starting JUNE 12TH-14TH, additional content will be released on the site including the following:

A new video featuring original artwork from the Animation Research Library

A series of the original “Scamp” comics

A gallery of Lady and the Tramp items from the Walt Disney Archives Features full of fun facts about the film, including a piece by Disney music historian Randy Thornton looking at the development of the movie’s beloved songs

A story on Walt Disney’s own dogs and how they influenced some of his movies

As I plan my own little viewing party at home, I’ll keep you posted. Be sure to check out all the cuteness that is Fanniversary!



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