Walt Disney quotes to live by

Walt Disney has always served as a source of inspiration for me. Below are my favorite quotes from Uncle Walt along with some personal stories from working for the mouse!

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This one is one of those quotes that can be interpreted so many different ways. The first time I glanced at it, I thought to myself, ‘Does it make me unique because most people don’t like themselves?’

The general idea, is that when you like yourself, typically other positive attributes follow. Such as, if you like yourself, you will believe in yourself or have confidence in yourself and that strength from within will help guide you as you pursue the things that make you happy, and sometimes even (dare I say), the things that make you different.

I recently turned 30. It wasn’t scary or horrible, but I was rather excited to start a new phase of my life. A phase that is not remotely where I thought I would be at this point in my life, but I consider it a good thing…no…a great thing. I’ve learned that I will never be a 9-5 kind of girl. I’ve learned that I can never sacrifice my happiness for others or myself. And most of all, I’ve learned that out of all of the things in life that we can’t predict or understand, one thing is for certain, I am stuck with myself for the rest of my life. Everything else is subject to change, but one thing for certain, is that if I’m going to be stuck with me, then I’m going to pursue happiness and stay true to who I am.

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I’ve been a ‘jackie of all trades’ for my entire life. I was always told that I could do anything or be anything, but I feel like I always fall short of other people’s expectations of me. I’ve been a stage manager, a writer, an actor, a director, a blogger, a vlogger, a tour guide, a call center phone operator, a character host, a receptionist, a character…you name it, I’ve done it. My inability to stick with one thing and see it through has nothing to do with my ability to focus, but rather with my inability to believe in something all the way. The first play that I wrote was called, Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland. Sure, I was nervous about writing a play about my family and producing it by myself in L.A., but for whatever reason, I also trusted that I would be ok and that everything else would be ok. And it was! The show got produced and the audience was packed, and it wasn’t long before it got a couple readings in different states and played the Hollywood Fringe Festival. I didn’t turn back during the process. I never thought, ‘I will fail.’

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It’s so true! In this crazy and amazing world of resources, if you have the guts to come up with an idea, there are a thousand different ways to pursue it. Granted, I’ve had a ton of different dreams over the year and there are only a couple that I am actively pursuing. I think the whole point is, you don’t have to sit around and day dream about the life you want. If you have a specific goal that is important to you, you can make it happen. Right now, for me, this blog is my dream. I miss my family to pieces and I’m homesick for Disneyland every single day. This blog and my youtube channel keep me connected to a side of myself that I enjoy hanging out with once in awhile. Yes, I work 6 days a week at my day job and don’t technically have time to do any of this, but it’s important to me so I make the time for it and I take all the little baby steps that are necessary to keep moving it forward.

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When I used to work at Disneyland, some of my favorite moments were the moments when I had to turn a family away from seeing one of the Disney princesses. Let me re-phrase that, because I hated turning families away from getting to see the princesses. What I loved about the situation, was that usually the parents would be extremely worried that I have just ruined their child’s day, and in most situations, I would look over at the child to see that they were completely happy just getting to be at Disneyland. They were enjoying the day for its moments, and couldn’t be bothered with being upset over not seeing a princess right that moment because it was scheduled for them. The kids in these situations were always a reminder to me that life is meant to be enjoyed. That instead of honing in on the tiny negative incidents, we should be appreciating the big picture.

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Back in my character host days at the Disneyland Resort, I spent many summer days in the busiest parts of the park aka Toon Town and Critter Country. Both locations were areas where the new hires would work, and you were guaranteed two things working there: the worst sunburn of your life and busy crowds due to Splash Mountain and the ‘Meet Mickey’ and ‘Meet Minnie’ lines. There was this one day, when I was hosting Tigger, Eeyore and Pooh over at the Hundred Acre Wood. You basically waited in one long line and would see all three characters in one go. Our line was huge. All day. And how could it not be? Those three together are absolutely adorable. But it was still a really long line and it would’ve been easy for anyone to get cranky. To make the line fly by for the guests (and for my own sanity on this insanely hot day), I created a game for the kids in line. I took an empty plastic water bottle, and I told the kids that the bottle used to contain Tigger’s magical jumping juice. I told them that since the bottle was empty, Tigger has forgotten how to bounce and everyone needed to show him. I would pass the bottle down the line and whoever had the bottle in their hand had to teach Tigger a new bouncing technique. The kids got to inspire Tigger and everyone was more excited waiting in line anticipating the empty bottle to come their way. I miss those days! The day ended with Tigger and I infamously running through the candy store right next door and accidentally spilling jellybeans all over the floor.

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