Disney Movie Secrets

I work right down the street from Broadway Theatre, and while the building is GORGEOUS, I wanted to learn a little more about it. I discovered that 3 iconic Disney animated films had their world premiere here when the venue was still a movie house. Check it out, give it a thumbs up if you … Continue reading Disney Movie Secrets


Disney Summer Netflix picks!

Happy summer, magical ones! I don't know about you, but I've been craving some fun summer movies to help me chill out when I get home everyday. I was recently sifting through Netflix, and stumbled upon a plethora of adorably fun Disney flicks. Below are my top 2 you should check out this summer! TINKERBELL … Continue reading Disney Summer Netflix picks!

Top 5 Disneyland Attractions

Hey magical ones! Yesterday I posted my newest SUBWAY MOUSE vid on youtube, where I talk about my top 5 fave attractions at Dland. Below are some photos and info on each selection, including the actual vid. Enjoy! PETER PAN This ride has been my absolute fave ever since I was a little kid. My … Continue reading Top 5 Disneyland Attractions