Top 5 Disneyland Attractions

Hey magical ones!

Yesterday I posted my newest SUBWAY MOUSE vid on youtube, where I talk about my top 5 fave attractions at Dland. Below are some photos and info on each selection, including the actual vid. Enjoy!



This ride has been my absolute fave ever since I was a little kid. My mom used to take me out of school all the time so that we could go to Disneyland together, and this was the ride that we always went on together. With that said, this attraction is loaded with memories for me. Most specifically, memories of my mother screaming, “Erika, we’re flying!” as we soared over London. Her excitement was contagious, and she never broke the magic for me. Everything that was happening on the ride was actually happening.



There’s no way for me to go on this ride without being completely amazed. I think back to the animatronic history of Disney and marvel at the fact that they were and still are so far ahead of the curve in the way that they tell stories on rides. There is a certain comfort in riding Pirates. Getting on the boat and drifting past the Blue Bayou and slowly leaving the world of Disneyland behind. It’s an adventure that you’re eased into, but once you’re in, you never want to leave. Plus the smell of the water is THE BEST SMELL in the world. I’m certain of this. Whenever I wait in the long summery line outside, all my anxiety goes out the window the minute the line swoops into the indoor portion and I can get a whiff of that Disney water. They should sell Disney water bottled. In fact, if anyone wants to send me a bottle, I’d be more than grateful. Also, back when I was a character host, I got into the most mischief at this particular part of the park. I occasionally got to host Captain Jack Sparrow. At the time I worked there, we were supposed to hang out at a pre-determined location on Tom Sawyer’s Island. But when you’re hanging with Jack, anything goes. We used to leave the location and find trouble all over New Orleans. Sometimes we did impromptu photo shoots.


Other times, we tried hitch hiking for a ride aboard a ship.



No matter what we did, this was the best part in the park to play.



There were a few major attraction openings that I attended during the time I worked at Disneyland, but the openings I more vividly remember is one from my childhood. I was there opening day of the wonderful attraction, INDIANA JONES. It was raining that day, and my little brother and I were wearing yellow Mickey Mouse ponchos. Nothing could damper our spirits. We were so excited! Everyone in line got a special decoder card to decode the writing on the dungeon walls as we waiting in line. I had never seen a queue like that for any ride EVER. It went above and beyond. I literally felt like I was in another world. The ride itself was incredible. To feel as if you are adventuring with Indy in that jeep is nothing short of amazing. To this day, I still scream out, ‘I love you Indy!’ at the very end. What can I say? I practically grew up being around him.




This one has also been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. My grandma loved anything that had to do with ghosts, so this was our ride that we went on together. As an adult, the ride has continuously grown more and more interesting as I learn about some of the stories and legends surrounding the ride. Stories like the fact that people often sprinkle the ashes of their loved ones on the ride, or the story about the guy who brought a gun on the ride and shot the glass partition during the feast scene. (the bullet hole is covered up with a fake spider. Replacing the glass partition would require removing the roof from the Haunted Mansion.) I’ll never forget the time as a teenager when I was on the ride with friends, and they had to briefly pause the ride and our dune buggy got halted at the part where it’s going backwards down a hill overlooking this intense looking crow squawking on a tree branch. While I was terrified in the moment, this has grown to be my absolute favorite part of the ride. And every single time, I secretly hope that I get stuck there.



Star Tours has been thrilling for me from the time I was a kid. I used to cheer on every character who was a part of the ride. When they did the upgrade and Vader took over, I cheered on Vader too. I just loved the world of Star Wars. About two years before I quit Disney, a really cool thing happened. I got cast as a padawan in the Jedi Training Academy in Tomorrowland. My days were spent teaching kids how to channel the force and fight with light sabers.


It was so cool! The even cooler thing about it, was the fact that being a part of the show made you feel like you were truly a part of the landscape of Tomorrowland. It felt as if Tomorrowland was your home, especially since we spent so much time there. I was a full-time padawan. So whenever I would go on Star Tours at this point in my life, I felt like I was playing in my hometown with characters I knew and loved. If you haven’t checked out Jedi Training Academy do it NOW.

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