Even MORE Star Wars hitting theaters December 2016!

I was excited when Force Awakens was announced. I cried when the first teaser was released. I cried again when the next teaser was released. Now, there is even more good news for Star Wars fans thanks to Rogue One, which was recently announced and has already begun principal photography. Rogue One is a new … Continue reading Even MORE Star Wars hitting theaters December 2016!

Star Wars Land comes to Disneyland and WDW!

At the very end of the highly anticipated Disney Live Action panel at this year’s D23 Expo, Bob Iger (CEO of Disney) came out on-stage to make a very big announcement. He announced that Star Wars Land would be coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The exciting news was a perfect segway for … Continue reading Star Wars Land comes to Disneyland and WDW!

Walt Disney Archives: The Exhibit (D23 2015)

Can’t begin to express how COOL it was to see the Walt Disney Archives exhibit at D23 this year. My group got a private walking tour of the exhibit by an Archives cast member as well! Here are my photos from the walk-thru! Seeing the Fantasmic! exhibit was incredible, not only because I’ve been a … Continue reading Walt Disney Archives: The Exhibit (D23 2015)

Riley’s First Date?

Riley’s First Date?, the newest Pixar animated short recently made its world-premiere at D23 this past week. Featuring Riley at the age of 12 from the critically acclaimed, Inside Out, the short features Riley at home with her parents, until ‘trouble comes knocking.’ Below are some exclusive photos from the short! The short will be … Continue reading Riley’s First Date?

D23 Trip: Hotel

So excited because I leave for California the day after tomorrow!! If you’re following along, welcome back! I’m venturing out to visit California to check out all 3 days of D23, plus visit the Disneyland Resort. Yesterday I posted on my transportation options, because I’m doing the trip without a car. Today, I’ll go over … Continue reading D23 Trip: Hotel

How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Hey magical ones! This week, I’m heading to D23 and Disneyland for a week of Disney magical bliss! Since I used to be a Disneyland cast member, navigating the parks as well as the reality of how much travel time it takes to get everywhere, I wanted to focus this week on blogs revolving around … Continue reading How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

D23: Disneybounding and Flair!

Hey magical ones! I'll be at D23 all 3 days next week. I'm gonna be Disneybounding, and while I'm waiting to reveal my outfits, here's a clue: Each one is related to something that made Disney news in 2015. Also, I'll be handing out flair at the expo! Follow me on instagram (@subwaymouse) or twitter … Continue reading D23: Disneybounding and Flair!