Trip Report (Day 1): D23

This was the very first day of D23 and it was such a BUSY one! The day started off with Jenny-Rae picking me up from Motel 6 (checked out of hotel and checked into Clarion down the street later that day). We arrived at the Expo approximately 9AM, and the crowds were busy. I’m a gold member with D23 and the line for gold members were wrapped around the building. We were lucky enough to get in with friends who held specialty passes to the Expo and we were able to experience the show floor early in the day before the floor got packed.


SUMMARY: I spent the whole day 9-7PM on the show floor with Jenny-Rae exploring and meeting new people. The lines for StagePass and StorePass were wrapped throughout the convention center so we decided to enjoy the floor instead. We did walk right into a panel, “60 Years of Jungle Cruise” which featured various Imagineers and it was really cool hearing about the history of various elements of the ride. Below are the highlights of the DAY 1, which was a huge and eventful start of the trip. I’ll be diving into some of the highlights a little deeper next week (especially the archives exhibit). It was beyond incredible so I want to share all the photos I have and go a little more into depth. Without further ado, here are the high lights from DAY 1!


I ended up Disneybounding as 60th Anniversary Tinkerbell and Jenny-Rae cosplayed as Mowgli. If you saw the costume in person, you know how amazing it was! My dress was designed and constructed by my awesome mom!


And I was lucky enough to get to meet some other awesome Disneybounders and cosplayers.


I can’t tell you how cool it was to meet Traci Hines! I’m a huge fan of her videos and we have a couple mutual friends so I feel like I know her, but getting to meet her was a highlight. Doesn’t she make an awesome Aurora?



I was so proud of myself for not spending a dime at the convention. Except for food. And coffee. My one shopping goal was Mickey’s of Glendale (the exclusive Imagineering shop), but apparently they ran out of Storepass tickets within minutes of opening up the ticketing window so I missed my shot. There were still so many cool vendors hanging out outside of the main shopping Pavilion.


We saw a LOT of cool stuff on the first day. Here are a few of my favorites…


Visiting Maker Studios! My YouTube channel is represented by Maker Gen, so it was awesome to meet some of them in person.


I had to visit my old stomping ground from my days as a padawan, and the jedi clan ROCKED IT OUT on the main stage of the show floor. Ran into some familiar faces from my favorite galaxy far far away.



This was my FAVORITE part of the day. We ran out of luck checking out the panels we wanted to see, but we got a private tour AND front of the line entrance to the massive archives exhibit. Below is just a TASTE of what I got to see. I’m dedicating an entire blog to this exhibit in the coming days….



There were SO MANY photo locations. The top on my list was visiting Gruff from Tink and the Neverbeast. Isn’t he the cutest??


I also got to visit Skull Rock…


And finally, I got to have a mini-photo shoot on a vehicle straight out of Star Wars. Heaven.



The people that I ran into on the show floor was also a great part of the day. Being away from California so often, there were so many faces I’m thrilled that I got to see!



After a really long day, I got to meet up with my aunt and cousin who drove in from Palm Springs to see me!

IMG_3552 We went to one of my personal favorites…the outdoor UVA bar at Catal’s (downtown Disney) for small plates and drinks. Ended the day with a leisure stroll through shops and got to see what the new Trader Sam’s looks like as well as the new slide area near the pool at Dland Hotel!

It was a truly magical and perfect day! Check out my vlog on DAY 1 below!

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