Disney Halloween Style Guide

Halloween time is my favorite time of year. And I’m not just talking about the date, October 31st. In my household, the decorations start coming out on September 1st. That’s right. My boyfriend and I allow ourselves two full months to enjoy the BEST TIME OF YEAR. You might be wondering, ‘How the heck do you fill two whole months full of Halloween?’ It’s easy. We watch as many horror films on Netflix as humanly possible, we make a wish-list for our costumes (because why just have one), we decorate, I create random Halloween crafts, and we seek out local Halloween themed bars in our neighborhood. Since it’s already September 2nd, I wanted to share with you where I’m at in the planning phases. I usually start off with thinking about what kind of holiday purchases I need to make. Whether it’s themed clothing/casual wear, home décor, etc. Early September is the best time to start this kind of planning, so that you actually have time to place orders online in advance and enjoy the items during the Halloween season.

Below are my favorite items I’ve come across so far this season:



It doesn’t matter if you have a Disney trip on the calendar or not, themed ears by Modern Mouse Boutique make you feel MAGICAL. They look adorable with any outfit, and it’s an easy way to put you in a festive mood immediately. For the Halloween season, they have Halloween ears as well as Jack n’ Sally, but once you look through the store, you’ll be hooked. There are SO MANY characters and themes that are represented.

il_570xN.792442673_haam il_570xN.820515643_jx4z

They even have fascinators!





I will never grow out of things that are adorable. KILLIN’ ME SOFTLY prides themselves on creating adorable dolls for people who are true fans of the horror genre. Every time I go through this online shop, I feel like it was made for me.

My favorite that I spotted is Billy from “Hocus Pocus.” Shut the front door. I have to have it.





Disney Store has a ton of cute Halloween stuff already posted online. They have stuff posted that’s also available in the parks… Like this adorable reversible Mickey Mouse door hanger. I actually already snagged myself one of these at Emporium, but you can grab yours online!


The Haunted Mansion collection is THE BEST. For all “Haunted Mansion” fans, you’ll find everything from collectibles to clothes.




I see something that I have to have every single time I check out Hot Topic. While you can find “Nightmare Before Christmas” merch virtually anywhere, Hot Topic takes the cake with their selection this season. They have everything from Sally fashion tights to this AMAZING reversible Jack/Sally hoodie.

10355551_hi 10355551_av2

Have a great start to the Halloween season! If you love celebrating early, comment with your favorite traditions! Every week from now until 10/31, I’ll be posting crafts, recipes, movie night ideas, etc to guide you through the best part of the year.

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