Disneyland Day 1: Trip Report (Summer 2015)

PASS TYPE: Cast member sign-in (Park Hopper ticket)


*This was an incredibly busy day and so incredible! First off, I got signed into the Disneyland with two of my good friends from San Diego at 8:30AM. I was able to run down the street to the Maingate from Clarion in 10 minutes!


*It was my first time in the park in 4 years, so the first hour was spent marveling over the 60th decorations on Main Street, taking photos and grabbing a locker and some Celebrate buttons from Guest Relations.


We decided to stay in Disneyland for the first part of the morning. Here’s what we accomplished!

IMG_3555 11887946_10206280091295227_2371347262563955650_n

*I got my first Mainstreet Starbucks. I was a little nervous about there being a Starbucks on Mainstreet, but it didn’t take away from the décor whatsoever. In fact, the signage for it was practically hidden. It was so delicious!


Next up, we bolted over to check out the 60th version of the Matterhorn, which includes a new Yeti (Bruce) as well as some interesting décor throughout the mountain. I loved it! (Video at the end of this post has Matterhorn and Haunted Mansion ride-through footage).


Then we headed over to the Haunted Mansion to say a haunting ‘hello’ to the newest resident of the mansion, The Hatbox Ghost. He looked fantastic!!


This photo was taken later in the day. I HAD to run back after the DISNEYBOUND meetup to get a photo of my dress in front of the Mansion. I’m disneybounding as Gracie from the Mansion elevator!

IMG_3572 IMG_357311139759_10206280092775264_994052662775663557_n

Then, since there was no line whatsoever, we made our way over to Pirates of the Carribean. There is nothing like a drift throughout those waters first thing in the morning. It is still one of my favorite rides in the park.

That concluded our morning at Disneyland, and we headed straight over to DCA. I hadn’t been there since the renovation to the front entrance which included the removal of the Sun fountain and the addition of Buena Vista street. It looked so beautiful! And it really pulled the entire park together.

We really wanted to checkout Radiator Springs and the single rider line worked perfectly. We waited about 5 minutes and I still got to sit with someone in my group.

After that, we continued our adventure by by grabbing a glass of sangria on the wharf…not realizing it was 10:30 in the morning, so I guess it was early brunch?

11900000_10206280094415305_8011324523400575538_n IMG_3585

Then we decided to grab lunch at Grand Californian Hotel, since you can enter directly through the park. Storyteller’s was packed, so we opted for the lounge area that serves drinks and appetizers and we got served immediately.


It was at this point that I ran down the street to D23 for a Disneybound meetup and to snag some footage for my Youtube channel, before heading back to Grand Californian Hotel for a cocktail.


We concluded our trip at DCA by Soaring over California. You really can’t leave that park without doing it. Then we made our way over to Mainstreet and decided to grab hot dogs and create a plan of attack for Paint the Night Parade. We decided to watch the parade on Main Street. We were told that the best view of the parade (and also to catch the fireworks immediately after) was Mainstreet within view of both the castle and the top of the Mainstreet shops. We started off by camping out at 7PM for the parade right across the street from Coke Corner. We hung out and ate ice cream anticipating this brand new parade that I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about.

These are our tired faces.

These are our tired faces.

Paint the Night was so amazing! It’s a completely modern tribute to Mainstreet Electrical Parade from the music to the modern technology used on the floats. Every single float was so beautiful and detailed. My favorite was the Little Mermaid float. So many colors and details! After the parade, all we had to do was step off the curb and into the street. The fireworks started just a few minutes later. I always wonder how it’s even possible that the fireworks can be better than the show before, but it’s always somehow even better. I don’t want to spoil anything but go see it!

All in all, for the fact that it was summer peak season, we got a lot done but most importantly, we relaxed and enjoyed our day. Check out my Disneyland vlog for that day!

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