Disney Animated gems on Netflix!

Last night felt like the first whiff of the fall season. The leaves are starting to turn, and that wonderfully eerie breeze rolls through my neighborhood at night. While my decorations for Halloween have been up since September 1st and the Nightmare Before Christmas Spotify station plays on a loop, I’ve started to realize that not everyone celebrates my favorite time of year a full month early. So for those of you who aren’t quite adding 100 scary movies to your Netflix List (I’m guilty of this) just yet, or those of you who live for all things Disney, I’ve got just the Netflix picks for you!

The Reluctant Dragon

138c1596b4c6571537a4dafdb815c3bc5e59bba9I had never even heard of this film until about a month ago, but I highly recommend it. This classic from 1941 follows Robert Benchley as he visits Walt Disney Animation Studios for the first time to meet with Walt Disney and pitch the idea that they turn the children’s book, “The Reluctant Dragon” into an animated film. The thing that first drew me in was that the film not only mixes live-action and animation into one film, but that the live-action scenes go from black n’ white to full color. The movie was created in response to the general public dying to know what it was like inside Walt Disney Animation Studios. The plot of the film allows audiences to take a walking tour of the studio as we follow the main character. On top of getting to see what the studios looked like in the 40’s, you also get to see a young Walt Disney!


Disney Animated Shorts: Volume 1-5

I still can’t believe they have all 5 volumes of the Disney animated shorts on Netflix! I remember watching most of these as a kid and I definitely had my favorites back then. It’s so fun to rediscover them now, and if you’ve never seen a Disney animated short, you’re in for such a treat! Each volume focuses on a different set of characters, i.e. The Fab 5, the 3 Little Pigs, etc. My favorite of all of them? The Tortoise and the Hare. All 5 volumes appear on Netflix as separate titles, and within each title is a collection of shorts. Below are the titles and cover images to help guide your search. Be sure to add them to your list and happy viewing!

Volume 1

0078693678926_500X500Volume 2

three-little-pigsVolume 3

be04b344696aa1bc61e9a419145305f2a0b559f9Volume 4

untitledVolume 5


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