Disneyland Halloween Wish List


While New York in the fall is a glorious time of year, it’s not a Disney Halloween with over-sized pumpkins and magic everywhere. So, while I sit in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, I’m putting together my Disney Halloween Wish list for the season. Trying to make a trip to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World next month, and below is my list for things I would do if I pick Disneyland.


Disneyland food is the absolute best. Food at the Disneyland Resort during Halloween season is even better.

I’d start off with a Haunted Mansion cheese cake at French Market.


I’d grab a coffee and Pumpkin twist at Maurice’s treats in Fantasyland.


And since I’m on a sugar high, I’d end it all with a Sugar cookie bake at Big thunder ranch BBQ.


Even though I’d have to pop over to DCA for this one, I’d have to grab a Poison Appletini at Carthay Circle.


And, if you didn’t know already, this ADORABLE POISON APPLE MUG is the must-have souvenir drinking cup from Disneyland this year. I. MUST. HAVE. IT. NOW.



If I missed out on every single ride at the park and only got to go on 2 of them, these would be it.

Nightmare Before Christmas.

20111119_462-M 20111118_353-M

You really can’t miss this one during the Halloween season. Heck, I started blasting the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack throughout my apartment starting last month.

Space Mountain!


It has a monster overlay! I know this isn’t a new thing for Disney this time of year but how have I always missed this?


The best part of Disneyland this time of year is the décor. I would walk around Main Street USA and just sigh and drink coffee and take a butt-load of photos.

mickey-mouse-pumpkin-M mickey-pumpkin-halloween-disneyland-M

Also, I hear that Frontierland has some really cool décor displays this year including “Day of the Dead” in Frontierland.


And, I would make sure not to just pass this one by, but I would have to see the Halloween Tree in Frontierland inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree.


And I would have to compliment the goats on their wonderful costumes.


I need my Disney fix! Everything looks absolutely adorable.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Halloween Wish List

  1. Jamie says:

    Okay, I have been a Disney Annual Pass Holder for years now, and my favorite time at DLand is Halloween Time. How is it possible that I was not aware of some of these amazing things until I read your amazing post? Thank you for this!!
    By the way, I have been to NY once in the Fall and I must agree and be jealous that you get to see it all the time! It’s absolutely beautiful and magical. We don’t get much of a fall here.


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