Disney Halloween Movies!

If you’re like me, your Halloween decorations were up Sept. 1st and the nightly horror movie viewing had commenced. I’ve plowed through a lot of Halloween films this month alone (Rosemary’s Baby, Amityville, The Thing, Re-animator, It Follows, Nightmare on Elm Street, Monster Squad, Eyes Without a Face, Halloweentown). Can you believe Halloweentown is the only Disney spooky movie I’ve watched this season? I usually save my favorites for October, but for now, here’s my list of must-see Disney spooky films!



Sure, right now everyone hears ‘Hocus Pocus’ and immediately thinks of the hit new Villains show in which the Sanderson sisters are featured at Walt Disney World. If you for whatever reason have never seen this film or are just considering it because of the popularity of the stage show, do yourself a favor and WATCH IT. This adorable tribute to Halloween and everything that is so special about it came out in 1993 (same year as Nightmare Before Christmas). It’s a Disney CLASSIC. Long story short, it’s about a teenage boy who is new to the town of Salem and he lights the black flame candle and unknowingly brings back to life the Sanderson Sisters, who were witches that were hung during the Salem Witch Trials. Most of the action takes place on Halloween night, and there are some BIG names cast in this one like Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gary Marshall. This movie is the best. You’ll be quoting it and falling in love with it.



This movie is the main landscape at New Orleans Square at Disneyland for a reason. It’s REALLY FRICKIN’ GOOD. The animation, music, characters, STORY. It’s all perfection. I watch this one about 3 times a season. The full playlist for the music is available on Spotify, and it plays non-stop in my house for most of the year. I love this movie so much, that I generally use it as an excuse to celebrate Halloween until Christmas time. If you’ve never seen it, you have to watch it. And, it’s available on Netflix, so no excuses. Enjoy it!



This was a Disney channel original movie that got a huge cult following. While I wasn’t on the cult following bandwagon, I still really enjoyed it as a kid. I re-watched it this season and found it to be incredibly cheesy and silly, but it’s still so entertaining, and Halloweentown is truly a special place. Plus, Debbie Reynolds is in it as Marnie’s grandmother. And she’s amazing! It’s worth a watch for a light-hearted evening of Halloween fun.



A Tim Burton film that I haven’t seen! And it’s not on Netflix! And I have to watch it! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this haunting spooky film, so go watch it and I’ll go watch it. The end.



I haven’t seen this film in years! Also a Disney channel original film. What I remember of it, is the movie is about an ancient mummy who becomes friends with a bunch of kids. I remember it being super cute, so I definitely need to re-watch it.



I’m really excited to see this vintage suspenseful film about 2 kids with super powers because it is on Netflix! Yay! It’s been on Netflix for awhile, and I really need to buckle down and watch it. If you check it out or have already seen it, be sure to comment below with your thoughts on it!

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween season!

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