Visiting the original Jim Henson Headquarters: A New York Adventure

When I first started Subway Mouse, I wanted to explore parts of New York by digging up little reminders of the history of the Disney brand. I was shocked to learn that there’s a LOT of Jim Henson history in New York, and since the Muppets now fall under the Disney umbrella, I’m really excited to share some history that I found in New York this past weekend.

First off, we all know that the beautiful Muppet studios and creature shop are currently located in Los Angeles. Back in the 70’s and for the next couple decades, Henson was actually headquartered in New York, specifically Manhattan in the Upper East Side.

The first Muppets Headquarters was located at 201 E. 67th street.

HP_Workshop_AnythingMuppetHeads JH_01_93_edited


After the Henson Co. relocated their headquarters to another location 2 blocks away, the building they were originally based in changed a lot. If you walk by it now, the original headquarters is actually a gym.


A couple years ago, many bloggers said that if you visited and stood right at the front door and looked down, that you would be able to see Kermit’s footprints in the cement.


When I visited, I was so nervous and anxious that the footprints might be gone.


They were definitely gone. And I know that everything in New York changes, and that’s just how it goes, but it did make me pretty sad. So I walked north 2 blocks and west 1 avenue, and I was able to see the Henson Townhouse (117 E. 69th street).

The building is gorgeous. If you visit now, this is what it looks like:


You can’t go inside, however, because it appears that it’s a private residential building now.

There’s so much history here. I mean, wasn’t this place cute back in the day?

077b16b7923d55ea386a582df0854074 Jim_henson_stairs The_Balloon_Race_2

And that’s your dose of Henson history on the Upper East Side. Definitely see the Henson Townhouse if you get a chance!

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