Summer 2015 Trip Report: My trip with Mom!

Sorry for the huge delay in posting this Trip Report. I wanted to make sure I put lots of time into it, because so much happened on this day and I hope my trip report helps you out with planning your future trips!

Summer 2015 Trip with Mom!

 My mom turned 60 years old this year. And so did Disneyland. The perfect place to celebrate seemed pretty obvious to us! At the time my mom arrived, I had just spent a weekend hanging out at D23 and I was surviving a sinus infection. Bottom-line: I was exhausted. Here’s how we made the most of our trip!


Start time: 10AM ish. We got signed in to Disneyland on a park-hopper ticket. The park was so crowded even though we were there on a Monday (it was the summer so we weren’t surprised).


We started off our day by heading straight over to Indiana Jones. The line was approx. 30 minutes. Not too shabby.


Ride #2: Jungle Cruise-The line was much longer than posted (almost 30 minutes as well). Most of the line was wrapped in direct sunlight, which I worried about being with my mom. I didn’t want her to feel overly exerted.

Character Meet n’ greet #1: While we were browsing through merchandise in Adventureland, I spotted a familiar face and she stopped for a quick picture before heading off to hangout with the Genie.


Break time! We headed over to the little café next to Bengal BBQ in Adventureland for water and lemonade, then I grabbed a Fast Passes for Haunted Mansion.

Fast Pass Break: We had about 30 minutes to kill while we waited to go on Haunted Mansion, so we sat in the shade on a bench in New Orleans and took the time to coordinate our bus schedule for the following day. Yeah, we were doing busy work in the Happiest Place on Earth, but it had to get done and it was quite a relaxing spot to do it.

Ride #3: Haunted Mansion- It was my mom’s first time seeing the Hatbox Ghost and I was so excited to point him out to her. This ride is a classic for me. We have fun on it every single time.

Ride #4: Winnie the Pooh- Since we were in the neighborhood, we headed straight over since it was only a 20 minute wait. I got to show my mom the animatronics from “Country Bear Jamboree” that are still hanging around (look behind you after the Heffalump and Woozle scene).

**On our walk over to Jedi Training Academy, we made a pit stop next to Thunder Mountain to grab a Fast Pass for Fantasmic!


Show #1: Jedi Training Academy-We wanted to get to the show early, so we arrived approximately 30 minutes early and we grabbed food while we waited. It was so fun seeing the show again! It had been awhile since I had seen it in the park, and well worth the wait.


Character Meet n’ greet #2: Evil Queen-We bumped into the Evil Queen after the show as we walked past the castle. There was no one around so we snagged a quick photo.**That concluded our morning in Disneyland, and we headed straight to DCA.


Show #2: Disney Jr. Live!-It was our first time seeing the show, and my friends were sweet enough to put us on the VIP list, so we didn’t have to wait in line AND we were the first ones allowed into the venue once it opened. We snagged bench seating in the AC. This was the perfect time of day to see the show. It was so hot out and we were having a pretty hard time avoiding the heat all day. The show was too adorable. Really enjoyable and huge shout-out to the puppeteers. What a talented bunch!

FOOD-We were starving by this point. And getting sit-down food was a small nightmare in DCA. We originally had a reservation for Dland at Blue Bayou which I had to turn down because I personally didn’t budget enough for fine dining. We attempted to go to Ariel’s Grotto, but the line for the bar area was wrapped around outside in the heat. All of the grab n’ go food was out in the sun, and it was a HOT day. I took us over to the winery where we each had a glass of wine and some bruschetta until we could come up with a game plan for food. The best part, was that Pixar Play parade went by as we snacked and we had an awesome view up on the balcony.

**At this point, we headed back to Disneyland for the evening.


Ride #5: Walt Disney Railroad- I’m SO GLAD we went on this when we did because it is closing for an entire year! AH!! At this time, my sinuses were struggling and we both needed to relax. We sat and did a full loop of the park starting at Main Street station, then we continued onto New Orleans Square, which ended up being our stop.

We were waiting out our Fantasmic! fast pass at this time (it was approximately 8PM for 9PM show). We grabbed the infamous clam chowder bread bowls and found a table to hang out at til about 8:30PM. After that, we headed straight over to our viewing area for our fast pass location. The fast pass system was awesome! I had to ask a lot of questions because it was new to me, but at the end of the day, we only had to show up 30 minutes prior to the show and our viewing area was awesome. We were just to the left of the stage manager booth.

Show #3: Fantasmic!

So glad we saw this show now (also closing for a whole year, what will I do with my life??). My mom and I teared up during the show. It’s just SO GOOD every single time.

Immediately following the show, we stayed right where we were for the fireworks. It was great for so many reasons: We didn’t have to walk through insane amounts of foot traffic to get to Main Street AND we had a perfect view of the water projections that the Fantasmic stage managing team operates during the fireworks. You also have a view of the back side of the Matterhorn from here for various effects. If you’re standing behind a light grid at the beginning of the show, stay behind it. The grids get lowered for the show so you won’t have an obstructed view.

We waited about 5 minutes at our Fantasmic location before fireworks began.

Show #4: Fireworks-They were amazing. Plain and simple. Don’t miss it.

Right after the fireworks, I grabbed my mom’s hand and we raced through Frontierland through the back pathway into Fantasyland. Our goal was to go on Peter Pan. What Disney has started doing, is they form the line for Peter Pan during the fireworks, and the beginning starts at Mr. Toad and goes just past Tea Cups. By the time we got to the line, they had already temporarily cut it off. We decided to hit the restrooms then find a viewing area for Paint the Night. The viewing area we chose was the bench right outside of the restroom behind Alice in Wonderland. We got there about 20 minutes before the start of the parade and had a perfect viewing location for the parade. I highly recommend this spot. It’s pretty perfect.

All in all the day was amazing. I can’t believe how much we got done for the fact that we took a ton of breaks. It was such a special day!

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