Disney Halloween Craft DIY: Nightmare Before Christmas

Last year around this time, I discovered the beauty of upcycling. In a nutshell, upcycling is reusing recyclable items to make awesome home decor items (at least that’s what I do). My obsession is painting on glass bottles to create unique vases to decorate my home.

You can use any type of bottle or jar. Beer bottle, empty pickle jar, etc. if you want to get really fancy, Trader Joe’s actually packages some of their spaghetti sauces in mason jars.

I drew my inspiration from my favorite Halloween film, Nightmare Before Christmas, but any design or color scheme you like works great!

What you’ll need:

1) Paint brushes

2) Satin Acrylic Paint (multi-surface)

3) Jar/bottle-make sure to thoroughly wash and dry before painting

Happy painting! I usually air dry my bottles and use a couple days later as a vase. Some people prefer baking the glass in the oven to ensure its dry (read paint directions for specific timing info).

Here’s how mine turned out! I like to add faux fall foliage. Non-flammable tea lights also do an awesome job of brightening up your creation!

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