Disneyland Holiday Decorations: A Vintage Throwback

The holiday season at Disneyland is truly unlike any other experience anywhere in the world. From the HUGE Christmas tree on Mainstreet to the iconic “Christmas Fantasy Parade,” the magic that graces Disneyland from November 1st until New Year’s is not a thing to be missed. I knew that “Christmas Fantasy Parade” had been running since I was a kid, but I was curious to see what Disneyland looked like during the holidays in years past…all the way to the 50’s up to now. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Walt had those glorious holiday decorations in his park from the very beginning. Take a look!


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96c7885ddf469ade90d76c6e810fd9f7 301ea3d69ac05f62c4020ce4575fd333 1047dad3b82d3d14533cd90b5836907a 6869a016d52e1501daa9dca9f4580998 b4ec14b3c4c20f1f5b4611fa139be775 ddfdeb00563a4c536a51ba269a4b2b6b Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did. Disneyland is always filled with so much beauty. What are your favorite decorations at the park?

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