How to Talk to Disney Characters

Let’s say you’ve planned this HUGE trip to one of the Disney parks. Its peak season and you just waited in a long line to see your favorite Disney character. It’s finally your turn…and you completely freeze up. You’d think you were meeting Meryl Streep or something. You might be thinking, “What’s wrong with me? Why am I so nervous? It’s Mickey Mouse! He’s the ambassador of magic!”

Here’s why you’re nervous: It’s not everyday that you interact with Tinkerbell or a princess.

These are my 3 Tips to get you through a conversation with a Disney character:

TIP #1: You must believe in magic


You have to absolutely believe that you are talking to THE Snow White. If you accept the magic of the situation, then suddenly, you have every fact/backstory of the character you are speaking to as a point of reference to whip up a conversation. For instance, what do you know about Snow White? She’s friends with the 7 dwarves. So, right off the bat, you could ask her who her favorite is…or if she has sworn off eating apples and if so, what is her favorite fruit? (because c’mon, who wouldn’t want to know that?)

TIP #2: Body Language


Say you go up to your FAVORITE character and even knowing every single fun fact about them you STILL blank out. Here’s what to do. Rely on body language. If you’re meeting Peter Pan, you can crow. If you meet a princess, you can curtsy or bow. If you meet Minnie, give her a hug!

TIP #3: Be selfish and observe!


The easiest thing to remember, is that you know more about YOURSELF than anyone. It’s completely ok to go up to a character and tell them about your day. You can tell them about the rides you went on or what other characters you see. If all else fails, at the very least, you can observe what’s around you. For instance, if you’re meeting a princess you can compliment her on her dress.

Hope these tips help you out and provide you with some awesome character meet n’ greets the next time you visit the parks!




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