Top 5 Complaints of Disneyland

Have you ever visited Disneyland with a complainer in your group, or even worse, had to stand next to a complainer in a really long line? The thing about complaining at the Happiest Place on Earth, is that everyone thinks that their complaint is unique. The truth is, having worked at Disneyland for a few years, I noticed that there are really about 5 top complaints that get used frequently.

Top 5 Complaints:

1) The food is so expensive!

2) The park is closing already??

3) The lines are so long!

4) Why do the characters walk away whenever I walk up?

5) I’m just having the worst day ever!!

The best way to combat all 5 of these complaints, is to plan out your trip. Here are the ways to avoid having to ever make one of the complaints listed above. Hope this trip planning video helps you out!


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