Tip #2: Happy Caturday!

Good morning and Happy Caturday!

And yes, my caffeine is barely kicking in. I’m having a lazy Caturday, and I hope you are too! If you’re at Disneyland today, I’ve got a cat-filled afternoon planned for you. If you’re at home like me, keep these tips in mind so that you can celebrate a Caturday in the future! Here we go! And if you’re in the park and follow any of my tips, tag me with the hashtag #subwaymouse on twitter or instagram so I can feature you! Have fun today!

Tip #2: Happy Caturday

July 2, 2016

Disneyland Park: Open til 12 AM (Weather: 77 degrees, partly cloudy)

Trivia: There are cats that live at Disneyland. Why do you think you never see a mouse except for the ‘Big Cheese’ himself? The cats are fed backstage near It’s a Small World and they love to hang out by Casey Jr. and the Storybook canals. You can even follow the Cats of Disneyland on Twitter (@disneylandcats)

Ride Suggestions: Well, after that fun piece of trivia, of course I’m recommending you go on Casey Jr. Circus Train to try and spot a cat!


Next up, go say hi to Figaro over at Pinnochio’s Daring Journey!


And don’t forget to seek out the Cheshire Cat over at Alice in Wonderland



Up next, why don’t you take a cruise and I dunno….find a tiger! How about the Jungle Cruise!


Character Meet n’ Greet Tip: Visit Cinderella and ask her to tell you a story or fun fact about Lucifer the cat! I’m sure she has tons of stories after having lived with that feisty furball…



If you need a cat nap and a snack, I’ve got some themed food ideas for you. For a snack, head on over to Bengal Barbeque…



Bengal BBQ is open until 10:30PM today! My snack recommendations for under $10 is the Bengal Beef Skewer and the Tiger Tails!


Seeking more of a meal than a snack? How about Village Haus, which is open til 9PM today! I recommend the Chicken Sausage in a pretzel roll, and be sure to check out the mural featuring Figaro!


Have fun today everyone! My fur babies Crunch & Eva wish you a magical Caturday!


Subway Mouse

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