Tip #3: Let’s Sail!

What a breezy day it’s going to be! It’s the day before 4th of July, so let’s take a mini vacay at Disneyland. It’s all things sailing for the day!

Tip #3: Let’s Sail!

Disneyland Park: Open 8AM-12AM

Weather: Sunny 81 Degrees

So, for today’s silly itinerary, you’re literally just floating through the day. And there’s lots of ways to be a sailor at Disneyland, so let’s get started!

Ride Suggestions:

Splash Mountain

Sure, it’s not technically a boat ride, but there’s lots of relaxing floating to be had!


It’s a Small World

Because you couldn’t do a day of sailing without sailing around the world…

Pirates of Carribean

Well, of course I’m including this one. It’s kind of one of my favorites…


Jungle Cruise

You can’t forget the best cruise in the park!


Storybook Land Canals

This one is iconic. I’d save it for the very end of your day on the water.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

Storybook Land Canal Boats


If you’re going to spend a whole day floating, then let’s have a little comfort food. I’m recommending the infamous clam chowder bread bowl that you can snag at Royal Street Veranda…


Have fun today, everyone!


Subway Mouse

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