Tip #6: Downtown Disney Lounging

Things I absolutely LOVE about Downtown Disney:

  1. If you’re in the mood for cocktails, appetizers, people-watching and a little break from the theme parks, they’ve got you covered.
  2. If you decide not to do your shopping in the parks, they’ve got you covered.

But most of all…

If you want a Disney night but either don’t have the money to go to the parks, or you just want a night that feels a little Disney….then Downtown Disney has got you covered. You can walk around listening to Disney music or you can even snag Disney souvenirs. Here’s my fave things to do when I hit Downtown Disney.



I fell in love with this place when I started working at Disneyland. It was awesome post-work place to grab a quick bite, and for me, it was more affordable than a sit-down meal at Catal’s (this is basically their outdoor bar). I love this place because if you want a full meal, you can get it, but it has so much more to offer than that. Be aware, this place gets BUSY during peak season and Fridays and weekends. If there’s no seating, they line you up to wait to get in, however, the line moves fairly quickly, and its totally worth it.


I usually never order a full meal here, because they have an amazing selection of appetizers and small plates to share. I highly recommend the UVA Street Fries and the Trio of Mediterranean dips.

For drinks, you have a HUGE selection to choose from. Here are my faves: Pear martini and UVA mojito.



This place has a ton of perks! And I’m not just talking about the menu, or how casual it is, or how you always get great service…I’m talking about these perks:

Location: It’s located right next to the main entrance of Downtown Disney, so it’s located in the most happening part of Downtown Disney…which makes it amazing for people watching. Also, due to its location, if you happen to be visiting the park after your snacks, you’re RIGHT next to it. It’s also right next to the tram if you plan on taking it to your car after.

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express


I love the heck out of this place. It’s where I get my dessert fix. I always snag an order of New Orleans beignets for dessert. They sell them in orders of 4, 6, 10 or 12. They also have a sit-down restaurant, but if your sweet tooth has a craving, I go here for instant gratification.



Ride the Tram!


To some, the tram is viewed as merely the transportation. Not me! This is going to sound so damn cheesy, but to me, the tram is the gateway to Disneyland. And believe it or not, the tram is so much more fun to ride when you’re doing it just for the heck of it. Remember how I said the tram is next to UVA Bar? Head on over and grab a ride to Mickey n’ Friends Parking structure. Sit with the locals and tourists and people watch. Take a night-time ride on the tram. You’ll love it. Then, ride it back to Downtown Disney and grab a 2nd Pear Martini. Because you deserved it.


Hope you guys enjoyed my tips for a fun night at Downtown Disney. Hope you’re having a fantastic day!


Subway Mouse

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