Disneybound Closet Challenge!

Have you guys heard of the magical whimsy that is Disneybounding?

In a nutshell, Disneybounding was created by style blogger, Leslie Kay.


Disneybounding is the concept of using Disney characters or other elements of the fandom to inspire your fashion choices, so that you can infuse it into your daily wardrobe.


Whenver I plan a big Disney trip, I start getting super excited about the concept of Disneybounding, and then I totally psyche myself out, and I end up wearing a Mickey shirt. So today, YOU get to help me style some items I already have in my closet, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to take a second look at the items that you already have in your closet!

4 thoughts on “Disneybound Closet Challenge!

  1. herstorycontinued says:

    Your red dress with a blue bow in your hair and some moon or star shaped earrings would make a fantastic Sorcerer Mickey!

    Immediately when I saw the yellow plaid I thought of Woody from Toy Story. You could even pair it with the brown vest from later on in the video (it’s not his cow pattern vest obviously but I’d be impressed if you had one of those lol).

    I was going to also suggest Captain Hook for the purplish-maroon shirt you ended up mentioning Captain Hook about, I think with a pair of leggings and some layered long necklaces it would capture the look really well!

    Great items! Good luck with your Disneybounding!


  2. Carolyn A. says:

    The black and white sweater with bright blue pants – Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    Dress from Matt-reminds me of the Norway pavilion
    Red vest with yellow shirt and pants-Mushu from Milan


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