Disney Book Review!

Hey everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a RAGING case of Disneyland Withdrawl. It’s really bad. I miss the park. I miss going all the dang time, and this book fell into my life at the perfect time. I’m talking about the brand spanking new book, “Disney Till You’re Dizzy” by Alexa Erekson.

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This book is now avail on Amazon, and GUYS…I couldn’t put it down. I’m already re-reading it. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell, and I’ve included my full review in the video below…

  1. Solely focuses on the Disneyland Resort, so it’s an extremely focused read
  2. Separated into categories and subcategories such as MainStreet–Walt’s Apartment.
  3. Thin and sleek to carry around with you–would make an excellent travel guide book to carry along with you next time you visit the resort.
  4. Contains 1,001 facts on the resort including history, myths and legends.
  5. A great pick for Disney fandom newbies as well as the seasoned Disney Fact Pro.
  6. Very descriptive and fact digging book-It will take a common fact that we all know and love, and dig 10 layers deeper to really get you to the juicy stuff.
  7. A very thorough analysis of the parks.
  8. HIGHLY recommend it!

Here’s my VIDEO REVIEW which goes into a little more detail. Enjoy!

Have a great week you guys!


Subway Mouse

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