Tsum Tsum Surprise

So, I have never gotten weekends off in my adult life.

Like ever.

When people ask me, ‘Oh, what fun thing did you do this weekend?’ My answer is usually, ‘Work. Sleep. Then work again.’

I’ve lived this lifestyle for a huge reason. I’ve never had a normal Monday-Friday 9-5 job. My normal is working weekends, not knowing what my schedule is like from one week to the next, grocery shopping on a Tuesday night, going on date night on Wednesday night, etc. It’s a lifestyle that works for me. It’s been a staple for the past decade, because I’ve either worked in theme parks, professional theatre or some sort of call center/hotel job where the hours fluctuate. However…

I randomely now have weekends off at my job.

And the pressure to do something cool on your weekend is real y’all. I instantly got a little depressed.

What if I don’t actually do anything special and I finally have a weekend off? Can’t I stay home and when people ask me what fun thing I did, I’ll say that I binge-watched Netflix and stayed in my pajamas? Or is that a red flag for depression? Do I care if it is as long as I had fun doing it? 

Then, I realized on my first day off that I was in what you would call a huge funk. I had gotten yelled at twice at work the day before back to back by men who treated me like an ATM. I was talked to like a dog. I was talked to like I wasn’t a living creature. I felt petty for losing my thick skin. I just wanted to cry. Oh wait, I did. Yup. That happened. I cried at work like a child. Twice. On top of that, when my weekend (my real honest to god weekend) arrived the next day. I felt like a garbage woman. I felt sad. I needed to feel like there was a hint of pixie dust in my life.

So, I got in the car and drove to Target. I promised myself a coffee and a lap around the dollar section. I forgot to buy the coffee because immediately, I noticed something different about our dollar section.



You don’t understand. This never happens at my Target. I live in Boise. In the entire state, there isn’t even a Disney Store. I have to get creative and shop the Hot Topic at the mall, or frequent the Disney fandom etsy shops online. But this?????? Disney. In my own backyard??? I could’ve cried. I almost cried. I promise I didn’t actually cry.

Without a second of hesitation, I found myself on my hands and knees digging through the dollar bins.



But seriously, you don’t understand. THIS WAS THE GOLDMINE OF A DOLLAR BIN. TSUM TSUM MERCH!!!!

Sometimes, I have a ridiculous complex about my love of Disney merch, and Disney in general being a grownup. I wonder if I have a Peter Pan complex (I absolutely do, but it’s ok). I wonder if my love of Disney is a huge bandaid on my life to escape pain and fear. I wonder if I’m postponing finding happiness in my right here right now.

But then, when I take step back and see the big picture, the big picture is that Disney makes me happy. And isn’t that the point of it? To bring happiness to people? And for me, Disney feels like home. It feels like I’m the truest and best version of myself. So…yes. I’m the girl who literally can see Mickey Mouse in her dollar bin at Target and all of a sudden, have the best day on the planet. But enough stalling, here’s the amazing magic I just added to my office space…






So, yes, my weekend turned out to be alright. I left the Target with a renewed sense of hope. Afterall, if a sheet of $1 stickers can brighten a seemingly terrible day, that has to be a good sign, right? Like, maybe things aren’t that bad or are at least fixable? Anyway, I’m sending you luck in the dollar bin department, in case you need a pick me up as well. I got very lucky. Cuteness definitely exists in my life this week.


Subway Mouse

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