Homesick for Disneyland

I don't consider myself a nostalgic person. If you want to get a glimpse of my personality, think of Belle as she yells, "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere" from the top of a hill literally located in the great wide somewhere. Meaning, I'm always seeking the next adventure while I'm currently swimming … Continue reading Homesick for Disneyland

“Beauty and the Beast” Review: Certain as the Sun that I LOVED it.

When the credits started rolling and the lights started to come up after watching Beauty and the Beast on opening day, I reached for my phone and started to type a FB status update. I quickly questioned what I was about to type, and then I listened to my gut and went with it... I liked … Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast” Review: Certain as the Sun that I LOVED it.

Disneyland Scary Story: Pinnochio’s Daring Journey

I worked at Disneyland for a few years while I was in college, and before I started working in entertainment, I worked a summer at Fantasyland West attractions (Snow white, Dumbo, Pinnochio, Casey Jr.). The job was really fun and also terrifying as hell, because I'm well...not a tech saavy person whatsoever. My rides used … Continue reading Disneyland Scary Story: Pinnochio’s Daring Journey

Working at Disneyland: The first dream job

When I got out of high school, I was adamant about having a fun job. I intended to focus heavily on my studies, and a lot of heavy personal stuff happened near the end of my high school career and I wanted to spend my down-time at my happy place. For me, this meant working … Continue reading Working at Disneyland: The first dream job

Tomorrowland Movie Review

My review for TOMORROWLAND is up on my youtube channel. Be sure to check it out and comment if you saw the movie already! My channel is available at Subscribe for weekly videos and magic! My next video will be a Disney Princess bar crawl in New York. Also, my review doesn't have any … Continue reading Tomorrowland Movie Review

Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration

Yesterday was the first official day of the 60th anniversary celebration at Disneyland. While D-land's actual 60th birthday isn't until July 17th, if you go now, you can take in the festivities starting today. Every major anniversary comes with a theme and for the 60th, its their Diamond Celebration. I worked during the 50th celebration … Continue reading Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration