Top 5 Complaints of Disneyland

Have you ever visited Disneyland with a complainer in your group, or even worse, had to stand next to a complainer in a really long line? The thing about complaining at the Happiest Place on Earth, is that everyone thinks that their complaint is unique. The truth is, having worked at Disneyland for a few … Continue reading Top 5 Complaints of Disneyland


Disneyland Holiday Planning

Visiting Disneyland between now and January 1st? Let me give you a tip... it's going to be busy. But that's stating the obvious, right? The absolute best thing you can do, is to have a heads up in regards to some changes around the resort to help you plan out your trip. For instance, this … Continue reading Disneyland Holiday Planning

How to Talk to Disney Characters

Let's say you've planned this HUGE trip to one of the Disney parks. Its peak season and you just waited in a long line to see your favorite Disney character. It's finally your turn...and you completely freeze up. You'd think you were meeting Meryl Streep or something. You might be thinking, "What's wrong with me? … Continue reading How to Talk to Disney Characters

Star Wars Land comes to Disneyland and WDW!

At the very end of the highly anticipated Disney Live Action panel at this year’s D23 Expo, Bob Iger (CEO of Disney) came out on-stage to make a very big announcement. He announced that Star Wars Land would be coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The exciting news was a perfect segway for … Continue reading Star Wars Land comes to Disneyland and WDW!

D23 Trip: Hotel

So excited because I leave for California the day after tomorrow!! If you’re following along, welcome back! I’m venturing out to visit California to check out all 3 days of D23, plus visit the Disneyland Resort. Yesterday I posted on my transportation options, because I’m doing the trip without a car. Today, I’ll go over … Continue reading D23 Trip: Hotel

How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Hey magical ones! This week, I’m heading to D23 and Disneyland for a week of Disney magical bliss! Since I used to be a Disneyland cast member, navigating the parks as well as the reality of how much travel time it takes to get everywhere, I wanted to focus this week on blogs revolving around … Continue reading How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Top 5 Disneyland Attractions

Hey magical ones! Yesterday I posted my newest SUBWAY MOUSE vid on youtube, where I talk about my top 5 fave attractions at Dland. Below are some photos and info on each selection, including the actual vid. Enjoy! PETER PAN This ride has been my absolute fave ever since I was a little kid. My … Continue reading Top 5 Disneyland Attractions