My Fave Magical Instagram Influencers.

  I don't know about you guys, but every single day that I decide to log onto FB, I have to take a deep breath to prepare myself for the debates that will appear on my newsfeed. With all of the stuff going on in the world, sometimes, I need to take a mental vacation, … Continue reading My Fave Magical Instagram Influencers.

Disneybound Closet Challenge!

Have you guys heard of the magical whimsy that is Disneybounding? In a nutshell, Disneybounding was created by style blogger, Leslie Kay. Disneybounding is the concept of using Disney characters or other elements of the fandom to inspire your fashion choices, so that you can infuse it into your daily wardrobe. Whenver I plan a … Continue reading Disneybound Closet Challenge!

Tip #6: Downtown Disney Lounging

Things I absolutely LOVE about Downtown Disney: If you're in the mood for cocktails, appetizers, people-watching and a little break from the theme parks, they've got you covered. If you decide not to do your shopping in the parks, they've got you covered. But most of all... If you want a Disney night but either … Continue reading Tip #6: Downtown Disney Lounging

Tip #5: My Greatest Hits

Hey everyone! I woke up this morning to the exciting news that my Youtube channel hit over 5,000 subscribers! To celebrate, I'm giving you my Greatest Hits for today's Tips! Below are my top choices for what I always try to do whenever I head over to the Disneyland Resort. Follow my tips, and it'll be just … Continue reading Tip #5: My Greatest Hits

Top 5 Disneyland Cast Members to answer your questions

You spent a year planning the perfect vacation to Disneyland. You arrive and realize that you have no idea where to sit to watch the parade. You get to your favorite ride and it's closed down even though there was no scheduled maintenance listed online. Your instinct may be to immediately question the first Disney … Continue reading Top 5 Disneyland Cast Members to answer your questions

The Inspiration for Disneyland

Ever walk around Disneyland and wonder to yourself, how did he do it? How did Walt and his wonderful team of Imagineers dream up this perfect place? Disneyland was imagined by Walt Disney as he sat on a park bench at Griffith Park in California. He watched his kids play on the merry-go-round, and realized … Continue reading The Inspiration for Disneyland

Disney Halloween Craft DIY: Nightmare Before Christmas

Last year around this time, I discovered the beauty of upcycling. In a nutshell, upcycling is reusing recyclable items to make awesome home decor items (at least that's what I do). My obsession is painting on glass bottles to create unique vases to decorate my home. You can use any type of bottle or jar. … Continue reading Disney Halloween Craft DIY: Nightmare Before Christmas