Disneyland Resort Rainy Day Tips

Back when I worked at the Disneyland Resort, the most popular question on rainy days was: "At what time will the Dome appear?" The first time a guest asked me this question, I was a Bambi in the headlights. I had no clue what coded message was being asked in my direction. I later learned … Continue reading Disneyland Resort Rainy Day Tips

D23 Trip: Hotel

So excited because I leave for California the day after tomorrow!! If you’re following along, welcome back! I’m venturing out to visit California to check out all 3 days of D23, plus visit the Disneyland Resort. Yesterday I posted on my transportation options, because I’m doing the trip without a car. Today, I’ll go over … Continue reading D23 Trip: Hotel

How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Hey magical ones! This week, I’m heading to D23 and Disneyland for a week of Disney magical bliss! Since I used to be a Disneyland cast member, navigating the parks as well as the reality of how much travel time it takes to get everywhere, I wanted to focus this week on blogs revolving around … Continue reading How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car