“Beauty and the Beast” Review: Certain as the Sun that I LOVED it.

When the credits started rolling and the lights started to come up after watching Beauty and the Beast on opening day, I reached for my phone and started to type a FB status update. I quickly questioned what I was about to type, and then I listened to my gut and went with it... I liked … Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast” Review: Certain as the Sun that I LOVED it.

Disney Summer Netflix picks!

Happy summer, magical ones! I don't know about you, but I've been craving some fun summer movies to help me chill out when I get home everyday. I was recently sifting through Netflix, and stumbled upon a plethora of adorably fun Disney flicks. Below are my top 2 you should check out this summer! TINKERBELL … Continue reading Disney Summer Netflix picks!

Tomorrowland Movie Review

My review for TOMORROWLAND is up on my youtube channel. Be sure to check it out and comment if you saw the movie already! My channel is available at http://www.youtube.com/TheSubwayMouse Subscribe for weekly videos and magic! My next video will be a Disney Princess bar crawl in New York. Also, my review doesn't have any … Continue reading Tomorrowland Movie Review

Cinderella 2015: Bring on my childhood

I remember sitting in the movie theater the day they showcased the Cinderella preview. I thought to myself, 'Holy what the WHAT? I get to see my childhood in live-action?? YES." The thing I was even more excited for, was the fact that this was a Disney film specifically based off of the Disney animated feature. … Continue reading Cinderella 2015: Bring on my childhood