Tip #1: Pete’s Dragon

Hey everyone! If you're stopping by the blog today, you're probably noticing 2 things. Subway Mouse blogged today!! It's been ages! We thought she didn't blog anymore! What is this tip thing and why should I tune in? As a lot of you know, I've been primarily Youtubing all things Disney, and this poor blog … Continue reading Tip #1: Pete’s Dragon

D23 Trip: Hotel

So excited because I leave for California the day after tomorrow!! If you’re following along, welcome back! I’m venturing out to visit California to check out all 3 days of D23, plus visit the Disneyland Resort. Yesterday I posted on my transportation options, because I’m doing the trip without a car. Today, I’ll go over … Continue reading D23 Trip: Hotel

How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Hey magical ones! This week, I’m heading to D23 and Disneyland for a week of Disney magical bliss! Since I used to be a Disneyland cast member, navigating the parks as well as the reality of how much travel time it takes to get everywhere, I wanted to focus this week on blogs revolving around … Continue reading How to visit Disneyland Resort without a car

Travel Plan: Reconnecting with Disneyland

It's been 4 YEARS since I've been to Disneyland. When I worked there I always had my go-to favorite attractions/shows. Being away from Disneyland for the past couple years has made me realize that there are certain BRAND NEW attractions and certain gems I'm really excited to visit. Below is my must-see's via photos when … Continue reading Travel Plan: Reconnecting with Disneyland

Disney Inspired Travel: Mary Poppins and Brooklyn Botanic

I idolized the film, Mary Poppins as a kid. I watched it every single day and to this day, the iconic images of the film have stuck with me. Certain images of the film such as the cherry blossoms of Cherry Tree Lane made for perfect inspiration while planning this week's travel adventure. Every week, … Continue reading Disney Inspired Travel: Mary Poppins and Brooklyn Botanic

Farewell 1st Job: Innoventions

Innoventions is Closing?! Like forever? Either your reaction is similar to mine or you're saying, "What is an Innoventions?" Innoventions is that huge spinning futuristic building in the back of Tomorrowland. As of March 31st, we'll be saying, "It was that huge spinning building in the back of Tomorrowland." It was announced unexpectantly that Inno … Continue reading Farewell 1st Job: Innoventions

Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase

So if you checked out my last blog, you got the scoop on all the adventures Matt and I had on our first ever trip to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom. Day 2 of celebrating my 30th birthday (I'm like a Kardashian. I need more than a day), we headed over to Epcot! We slept in … Continue reading Walt Disney World Part 2: Epcot World Showcase